So, you found me!

Or whatever it was you were looking for that led you here.

Welcome, family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, possible stalkers, possible identity thieves, extra-terrestrials, unclassified life forms, ghosts, zombies, supernatural beings, non-living things with reading and web surfing abilities.

This is the blog of Mark Nichol Tiansay Turija.

Anyone with nothing better to do than read the entries on this blog are most welcome.

Anyone with an allergic reaction to the blog owner's name may stay and read on at his/her own risk.

Anyone wanting to say something to the blog owner (a quick hi, winning lotto combinations, indecent proposals, etc., etc.) may drop him a line.

Anyone visiting this blog to solicit money is waiting for Godot.

Anyone who the blog owner had past altercations with should bring with him/her the blog owner's sincerest and profoundest of apologies, and his advice to move on.

Anyone who is visiting or has been referred to this blog with the hope of finding pornographic materials from pictures of naked people to actual coitus and/or analingus, tough luck.  He/she has the option, though, of dropping the blog owner a line as well.  Who knows?

Anyone dropping a line should know that any emails about discounts on Viagra and other penile enhancement products, invitations to view profiles in some sex chat room, or solicitation of account numbers where the wealth of some former African dictator will allegedly be deposited are deleted faster than one can say "SPAM".   

Anyone interested enough/bored enough/with all the time in the world to kill may proceed and click on the icons at the right side of the page and read on.  The entries have been classified into various categories for easier access.  Saan ka pa?

Anyone may also comment on the entries.  However, be reminded that spamming on comment links is so 1990s, back when people still had Rocketmail accounts and people would look you funny or give you a blank stare if you said "WiFi."

If you are familiar with the name of the blog owner, good for you.  You may have been the blog owner's classmate, schoolmate, office mate, housemate, or whatever -mate.  The blog owner has also encountered so many people claiming they were his former college org-mate, high school classmate, or that his face is familiar, bringing memories from a more carefree era.  The blog owner has had so many mates he might as well feel at home in Australia.  Or it may just be because the blog owner has a very generic face.

To set the records straight, the blog owner was born and  raised in Bacolod City, studied in Trinity Christian School from kindergarten until first grade and St. John's Institute from second grade until high school.  He moved to Manila where he studied in the Ateneo de Manila University, starting with a Legal Management major and graduating with a Political Science degree.  He has worked in Innodata, the Asian Development Bank, PeopleSupport (Cebu), C-Cubed, HDI, Citibank, e-PLDT, InfonXX, ILDAEIL, SVI, Intelligraph, USLS, IBM, CDI, and now OJW.  That's all of it.  Those claiming they know him from outside of these circles have most possibly been acquainted with his evil doppelganger(s).

The blog owner's interests are anything concerning Latin America, Spain, Italy and India, but also appreciates music, cinema, show business, literature and TV from anywhere in the world.  He also watches a lot of documentaries, reads a lot of blogs, walks and runs as his physical activities and wastes a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter, among other websites.

The blog owner is NOT trying hard to be <span style="font-style:italic;">pa-intellectual</span> and considers himself galactic-ally FAR from being an intellectual snob, simply because he feels he does not possess sufficient intellect to go looking down on the intellectual masses.  While he prefers to spend his time knowing about the more interesting aspects of world culture, this does not stop him from being entertained by some very "basic" things, such as the dynamics of the Kardashian family, the antics of Kris Aquino, Sunday afternoon showbiz talk shows, Cristy Fermin blind items, the Fashionpulis blog, and Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA (never fails!), among others.  

Stress on the word ENTERTAINED.

Anyway, read on.

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