It's the end of the world as we know it (or at least, as Wall Street would like us to believe)

Friend after looking at a newspaper headline: Ano naman ang kinalaman ng Unchained Meloday sa ekonomiya ng mundo?

Me stares at her blankly.

Friend: Lehman brothers? Kumanta ng Unchained Melody? HELLO????

Me wonders why I'm having this conversation.

Friend, because she has to have the last word: Lehman Brothers lang, di mo pa alam? Daaaah. (rolls eyes)

Me starts praying for more pressing matters, like world peace and lunch.


loudcloud said...

we all have warped friends.

its a wonder why we tolerate and endure them.


duke said...


my friend beside me is asking why i'm laughing hard.

how are you, nomad?

Anonymous said...

I am well, thank you.

You're the one who's nomadic these days, but well, macbook air but no house is a balanced life. There's justice in this world. Hahahahaha.